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Zooby paper bibs for children

It's time to take on a new role!

Zooby paper bibs for children

It's time to take on a new role!



fun animal


The newly designed Zooby paper bibs feature a two-ply, impermeable fabric that consists of a layer of paper and a layer of polyester. With our patient bibs for children, you can ensure maximum absorption and patient protection. The patient bibs are child-sized. The respective design is printed on the bibs.

Girl wearing a Zooby paper bib with the motif "Francesca Flamingo" around her neck

Zooby paediatric dental bibs:

  • Hygienic disposable item
  • Zooby paper bibs are child-sized, measuring 24×23 cm
  • Pre-folded for individual retrieval
  • Paediatric dental bibs are impermeable to moisture
  • Pack of units with different animal designs
  • Reverse side coated with polyester





Zooby paediatric dental bibs

assorted pack, 5 animal designs

100 pcs/pack

Get "dressed up" for fun with Zooby paediatric paper bibs

Patient paper bibs are used during almost every visit to the dentist. They are worn around the patient’s neck during treatment to keep clothing from getting dirty.

The same is true for individual paediatric prophylaxis, which is more likely to lead to unwanted movement from children, increasing splatter or increased salivation from the little patients. It’s particularly important to ensure that the patient paper bibs are a child-friendly size and made of sturdy material.

If these paediatric paper bibs for dental prophylaxis also have different animal designs printed on them, then it’s time for the little ones to try on a new character just for fun! Children get to choose between Allie the alligator, Tobi the turtle, and many other animal designs – actively involving them in their visit to the dentist.

The Zooby paediatric paper bibs are part of the Zooby prophylaxis range for children. In order to motivate children and adolescents to actively participate in their own dental care, standard prophylaxis products are decorated with animal designs or offered in delicious flavours. During treatment, the children become part of the fun Zooby animal world and are less aware of the tooth polishing process. The Zooby prophylaxis concept is especially recommended for anxious children with previous bad experiences during individual treatment.

Frequently asked questions about Zooby paediatric paper dental bibs

Can I buy a pack of Zooby paper bibs with just one animal design?

A pack of Zooby paediatric dental bibs contains 5 different designs.

This gives children the opportunity to choose their favourite animals for individual prophylaxis and lets you include the child in their treatment from the very beginning.

What are the Zooby paediatric dental bibs made of?

They are made of a two-ply, impermeable fabric that consists of a layer of paper and a layer of polyester so that no moisture can permeate the bib.

Are the paper bibs for children also available in other sizes?

They are currently available in a child size measuring 24×23 cm. We do not stock any other sizes for smaller or larger children.

Can I also buy the bibs rolled up and ready to be torn off for use?

No, the Zooby dental bibs are still only available in a practical box, pre-folded for individual removal.

Why do the Zooby prophylaxis products have animal designs printed on them?

All of our Zooby prophylaxis products are geared towards treating children and feature fun designs. These are animal designs like alligators, turtles, zebras, flamingos and many more. Every child has a favourite animal, don’t they? The designs facilitate individual prophylaxis for children and transform a dentist appointment into something special. If you include children in the selection of prophylactic products – for example, by choosing their favourite animal for their bib – they are not only physically but also mentally involved in their treatment and they feel that they are taken seriously.

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