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Zooby plaque disclosing tablets

contain no gluten or erythrosine (E127)

Zooby plaque disclosing tablets

contain no gluten or erythrosine (E127)


easy to
wash off



The Zooby plaque disclosing tablets have a sophisticated two-colour formula to quickly and easily identify plaque. They dye newer plaque red and older plaque blue, showing little patients exactly which areas are repeatedly missed when they brush their teeth. Thanks to the simple application and individual packaging, they are also well-suited for at-home use, helping children and adolescents improve their dental care routine at home.

Zooby disclosing tablets with two-colour formula

Staining tablets are suitable for both on-site prophylaxis treatment and especially for checks at home. Colour changes on the teeth make plaque – and therefore cleaning deficits – visible for the practitioner and the child as well as for the parents. The disclosing substance is a temporary dye with harmless food colouring (no erythrosine (E127)) that can easily be washed off the teeth.

Packaging with Zooby disclosing tablets





Zooby disclosing tablets for plaque control

dual-color detection, individually wrapped

250 pcs/pack

Detective work – tracking down plaque with dental disclosing solutions

Disclosing during individual prophylaxis is an important part of treatment. The procedure helps the practitioner determine the oral hygiene status and also helps educate and motivate children to specifically improve their toothbrushing habits. The family can easily perform the disclosing process at home using disclosing tablets for children and can monitor the child’s cleaning technique.

Even with children and adolescents, it’s important to make sure you’re using gluten-free disclosing solutions in order to avoid allergic reactions.

Red or blue – new or old biofilm?

Advanced, multi-colour formulas dye plaque deposits on tooth surfaces red or blue. The fresher and thus newer plaque on teeth turns red. Older plaque on teeth turns blue. This red or blue discolourations visually show children and parents which areas have been neglected in at-home oral hygiene habits. The dyed biofilm allows both parents and children to better identify where cleaning is overlooked. At the same time, this disclosing process gives the practitioner the opportunity to motivate children to improve their daily cleaning habits.

Frequently asked questions about disclosing tablets for children

How are the Zooby disclosing tablets used?

Chew one tablet well (half a tablet is enough for small children), wipe teeth with the tongue, rinse mouth with water, spit. Brush teeth thoroughly and floss them to remove all dye.

The disclosing tablets are fruit-flavoured and contain no gluten or erythrosine (E127).

How do I avoid colour splatter from the disclosing tablets during prophylaxis treatment?

The two-colour disclosing tablets from Zooby have a firm consistency and only dissolve when inside the mouth. Since the classic application with an applicator isn’t necessary, this method avoids splatter.

Zooby paper bibs are also perfect for protecting their clothing. They are a child-friendly size and are made of sturdy material. They have different animal designs printed on them, making them a costume for the littlest patients.

What tips can I give children and parents for the correct use of disclosing tablets at home?

After chewing a disclosing tablet (half a tablet is sufficient for small children), children should run their tongues thoroughly across all teeth to distribute the colour across all tooth surfaces. Then they should rinse their mouths out once with water and spit. Parents and children can now see where the teeth are covered with old biofilm (coloured blue) or new biofilm (coloured red). Now, brush the teeth thoroughly and floss to remove any staining.

What flavours are available for Zooby disclosing tablets for children?

The Zooby disclosing tablets have a pleasantly fruity cherry flavour. This means no medical aftertaste during or after use, which is especially beneficial for home checks and for improving dental care.

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