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Disposable prophy angles

the hygienic solution for dental prophylaxis

Disposable prophy angles

the hygienic solution for dental prophylaxis


and efficient

saves time
and money

reduced risk
of infection

Young disposable prophy angles are designed to make it easy to access hard-to-reach areas in the mouth. Thanks to a narrower neck and small, round head, polishing is equally comfortable for the user and the patient.

Disposable, one-time use reduces the risk of cross-contamination. Working with the prophy angles saves time and money, as no preparation is required and the prophy angle does not incur as much wear from abrasive pastes.


  • Extremely sturdy and smooth-running
  • Less maintenance and wear, as there is no polish paste in the prophy angles
  • Contains no latex or BPA
  • Available individually or as a starter kit including prophy handpiece
  • With outer grooves – reduces splatter, exterior also polishes (Contra Elite / Classic Elite)
Group with all four types of Young disposable prophy angles
slimmest neck on the market for optimal access
improved grip for optimum hold
small, round head improves visibility and access
short, soft cups perfectly hug the tooth surface





Young Contra Elite™ Disposable prophy angle

125 pcs./pack


Young Classic Elite™ Disposable prophy angle

125 pcs./pack


Young Contra Petite Web™ Disposable prophy angle

125 pcs./pack


Young Classic Petite Web™ Disposable prophy angle

125 pcs./pack

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Young Proxeo handpiece for disposable prophy contra-angles by Young

The Young Proxeo handpiece

The Young Proxeo handpiece for Young disposable prophy angles provides a user-friendly, low-maintenance experience. The lightweight adapter minimises fatigue and ensures that Young prophy angles can be operated with any type of E-style electric motor through a 4:1 connection.

Available as a starter kit: 375 Young disposable prophy angles + 1 Young Proxeo handpiece.





Starter kit Contra Elite™ prophy angles + 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

375 DPAs + 1 handpiece


Starter kit Classic Elite™ prophy angles + 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

375 DPAs + 1 handpiece


Starter kit Contra Petite Web™ prophy angles + 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

375 DPAs + 1 handpiece


Starter kit Classic Petite Web™ prophy angles + 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

375 DPAs + 1 handpiece

Slim and flexible – disposable prophy angles by Young

The use of hygienic disposable prophy angles in professional dental cleaning is not yet as common in European dental practices as in the US, for example. There, so-called DPAs (Disposable Prophy Angles) were brought on the dental market by Young Dental in 1990.

As the name “disposable prophy angle” suggests, it is a single-use product that combines a prophy angle and a dental prophy cup in a single product. Used together with a prophylaxis paste, the disposable prophy angles removes plaque and staining from teeth and facilitates surface smoothing and biofilm management for the patient. Rotating polishing, i.e., polishing using a prophy angle with rotating prophylaxis cups or brushes, is often considered an important supplement to application with air-powder-water devices, as biofilm often remains on the teeth even after application.

DPAs are a comfortable and hygienic way to give the patient a thorough, clean surface polish. The professional and mechanical removal of tartar and plaque is considered an especially preventive precautionary measure to prevent gingivitis and, later, periodontitis and/or peri-implantitis.

Ideally, disposable prophy angles are designed to create optimal access, even for hard-to-reach areas in the mouth (such as tuberosities, molars, or line angles). A good disposable prophy angle is characterised by a slim design. This simultaneously improves the patient’s mouthfeel and increases user comfort for the practitioner.

The ribbing at the lower end of the disposable prophy angles creates improved grip for the user, preventing wrist fatigue. The angle of the polishing head can also affect comfort significantly during tooth polishing. A disposable prophy angle with a round and small prophy cup facilitates patient comfort and optimises the view for the practitioner during polishing.

Which disposable prophy angles are right for my practice?

The even rotary movement of the polishing head and no constant flipping of the rubber on the disposable prophy angles are other positive characteristics that should be considered when making a selection. The inner lamellae of the prophy polishing cups are another important component of good disposable prophy angle. The lamellae create better adjustment to the tooth surface and reduce splatter. The reduced aerosol load also reduces infection transmission to the practitioner.

A large selection of prophy angles allows the prophy cups to be perfectly adapted to the patient.

Detail picture of the straight and angled disposable prophy angle

Prophy cups for prophy angles with a 90° or 107° contra-angle

Detail picture of the straight and angled disposable prophy angle with external grooves

Prophy cups with exterior grooves that reduce splatter and make the interdental spaces and the sulcus easier to reach

Detail picture of the straight and angled disposable prophy angle smooth outside

Prophy polishing cups in a smooth design that is especially gentle on the gums

Detailed image of the pointed polisher disposable prophy angle

Polishers that come to a point (Pointed Polishers) for use under orthodontic wires or around braces

Detail image of the straight polishing brush disposable prophy angle

Polishing brush attachments, short, long or pointed; soft or firm

For professional paediatric dental cleaning, our Zooby range offers disposable prophy angles with animal designs. Ideally, these designs contribute to anxiety-free treatment and create a positive memory for their next visit to the dentist.

DPAs and allergies

Allergen-free material is very important, especially for patients with allergies. Many prophylaxis polishers contain latex. If you choose a latex-free polisher, you won’t run any risks with patients who may have an unknown latex allergy. BPA (Bisphenol A) intolerance isn’t uncommon nowadays, either, which is why BPA-free prophy polishing cups should be used.

Frequently asked questions about prophy angles

How is a disposable prophy angle by Young designed?

Young disposable prophy angles are specially designed with an embedded screw to ensure smooth, concentric rotation. This maintains close contact between the prophylaxis polishing cup and the tooth and ensures reliable tooth polishing every time. Each dental prophy angle piece is greased to ensure reliable, quiet, and vibration-free operation. Young prophy angles sit securely and comfortably in the hand and are operated with high-quality prophy cups from Young Dental.

What type of dental prophylaxis handpiece can I use for disposable prophy angles?

We recommend a prophylaxis handpiece with a 4:1 ratio or Doriot connection for using Young disposable prophy angles. Doriot connection The disposable prophy angles and the handpiece are thus in perfect sync and enable comfortable prophylaxis treatment. Using a lightweight prophylaxis adapter also minimises hand fatigue.

How do I attach the disposable contra-angle piece to the prophylaxis handpiece?

Take the disposable prophy angle piece out of the plastic packaging. Place the prophy angles with the embedded screw over the opening of the prophy handpiece. The prophylaxis contra-angle piece has a small recess at the lower end. Position the prophy angles so that this recess aligns with the slot on the prophy handpiece. Now slowly slide the disposable prophy angle piece onto the handpiece. The disposable prophy angle is now ready for use.

What is the recommended rotational speed when using Young disposable prophy angles?

Rotation speeds higher than 3000 rpm are not recommended for Young prophy angles.

What if I'm interested in the especially hygienic disposable system but haven't got a prophylaxis handpiece at my practice?

No problem. Young Dental offers dental practitioners an affordable starter kit. This kit includes a lightweight Young Proxeo prophy handpiece as well as 375 disposable prophy angles of your choice. Next, just add the appropriate tooth polish pastes and you’ll be able to start polishing teeth right away.

What are the advantages of disposable prophy angles over prophylaxis polishers?

Replacing the disposable prophy angle is quick and easy. The drive piece, i.e., the prophylaxis handpiece can be prepared for the next use with simple wipe disinfection. The handpiece sleeve is sterilised as needed. Disposable prophy angles prevent the ingress of damaging tooth polish paste into the prophy angle.

Compared to using a standard prophy angle with a polishing cup or polishing brush, you save time and money when using a disposable prophy angle, as you incur no expenses for the preparation of and wear and tear to the prophy angle. It also reduces the risk of infection.

What does DPA mean?

DPA is an acronym of Disposable Prophy Angles. DPA stands for Disposable Prophy Angle and is used colloquially in practices.

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