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Prophy angles for children

more fun during individual prophylaxis

Prophy angles for children

more fun during individual prophylaxis


no latex
and BPA

hygienic and

reduced risk
of infection

The Zooby® brand was developed for professional dental cleaning for children. The colourfully printed and fun prophylaxis products create a relaxed atmosphere during prophylaxis. They simultaneously enable anxiety-free treatment and create a positive memory for the patient’s next visit to the dentist.

The advantages of disposable prophy angles for children

The Zooby disposable prophy angles are available in five fun Zooby animal designs. They are single-use only, contain no latex or BPA, and have a finely ribbed interior with ridges that remove stubborn staining and biofilm. They fit slow-running handpieces (Doriot style) such as the Young Proxeo handpiece.


the cheetah


the flamingo


the penguin


the tiger


the zebra





Zooby disposable prophy angles

Assorted pack with 5 animal designs

100 pcs/pack


Zooby disposable prophy angles

Assorted pack with 5 animal designs

500 pcs/pack

The Zooby starter kit

Our Zooby starter kit, which contains 500 Zooby prophy angles and 1 Young Proxeo handpiece, is a complete package.

Zooby disposable disposable prophy angle with animal motifs and a prophylaxis handpiece





Starter kit – Zooby prophy angles + 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

500 pcs/pack

Zooby – more fun during prophylaxis

Child-oriented, sensitive treatment is important, especially during individual prophylaxis. Not every child likes to go to the dentist. However, these feelings can be prevented or changed by turning the visit to the dentist into an exciting encounter with flamingos, zebras, and leopards.

For this purpose, there are a number of helpers who turn children’s visits to the dentist into a positive experience, such as the hygienic disposable prophy angles with animal designs for tooth polishing.

As the name “disposable prophy angle” suggests, it is a single-use product that combines a prophy angle and a dental prophy cup in a single product. Used together with the prophylaxis paste, the disposable prophy angle removes plaque and staining from teeth and facilitates surface smoothing and biofilm management for children and adolescents. Rotating polishing, i.e., polishing using a prophy angle with rotating prophylaxis cups or brushes, is often considered an important supplement to application with air-powder-water devices, as biofilm often remains on the teeth even after application.

Open wide – no problem with the fun prophy angles in animal designs

Disposable prophy angles with animals printed on them are a convenient and hygienic way of getting a thouroughly clean surface polish in children. The professional and mechanical removal of tartar and plaque is considered an especially preventive precautionary measure to prevent gingivitis and, later, periodontitis and/or peri-implantitis.

Involve young patients in their prophylaxis treatment and offer them their choice of different animal-themed disposable prophy angles before polishing their teeth. Here, for example, is Francesca the flamingo lady, who wears a pink gown. Or Penelope, the penguin with the red beak (= prophy cup). Tiger Talon, Chase the leopard and Zoe the zebra join in on this fun animal party. Together, they relax the treatment atmosphere and enable stress-free tooth polishing. And the fun isn’t complete without tasty paediatric polish pastes like melon, chocolate, and more.

The child-oriented, slim disposable prophy angles with animal designs help you get children to open their mouths wide (wider!) and allow you to optimally reach areas in the mouth that are difficult to access.

The fine ribbing at the lower end of the disposable prophy angles improves the grip for the user, which prevents wrist fatigue. The angle of the polishing head can also affect comfort significantly during tooth polishing. A disposable prophy angle with a round and small polishing bowl facilitates patient comfort and optimises the view for the practitioner during polishing.

No allergens in paediatric disposable prophy angles, either

Allergen-free material is very important, especially for children and adolescents with allergies. Many prophylaxis polishers contain latex. If you choose a latex-free polisher, you won’t run any risks with patients who may have an unknown latex allergy. BPA (Bisphenol A) intolerance isn’t uncommon nowadays, either, which is why BPA-free prophy cups should be used for individual prophylaxis.

Frequently asked questions about prophy angles for children

Can I buy Zooby disposable prophy angles with only one animal design?

Why only one animal design when you can have them all?

The Zooby prophy angles are available in packs of 500 and 100 with an assortment of 5 different animal designs: penguin, zebra, leopard, tiger, and flamingo.

Are there any differences in the polishing heads of the Zooby disposable prophy angles?

The same soft polishing cup is used for all 5 Zooby prophy angles. It’s designed to hug children’s teeth and keep the paste from splattering excessively. At the same time, it’s also small and slim enough to reach into a narrow mouth opening. The polishers for the Zooby disposable prophy angles are white; except for Penelope, the penguin lady, who has a red beak (= rubber cup).

How sturdy are the disposable prophy angles for children?

The Zooby disposable prophy angles are specially designed with an embedded screw to ensure smooth, concentric rotation. This maintains close contact between the prophylaxis polishing cup and the tooth and ensures reliable tooth polishing every time. Each prophy angle is greased to ensure reliable, quiet, and vibration-free operation. The prophy angles sit safely and comfortably in the hand and are operated with high-quality prophy cups.

What type of prophylaxis handpiece can I use for Zooby disposable prophy angles?

We recommend a prophylaxis handpiece with a 4:1 ratio or Doriot connection for using the Zooby disposable prophy angles. Doriot connection The disposable prophy angles and the handpiece are thus in perfect sync and enable comfortable prophylaxis treatment. Using a lightweight prophylaxis adapter also minimises hand fatigue.

How do I attach the Zooby prophy angle to the prophylaxis handpiece?

Take the disposable prophy angle out of the plastic packaging. Place the prophy angles with the embedded screw over the opening of the prophy handpiece. The prophy angle has a small recess at the lower end. Position the prophy angles so that this recess aligns with the slot on the prophy handpiece. Now slowly slide the Zooby disposable prophy angle onto the handpiece. The disposable prophy angle is now ready for use.

What is the recommended rotational speed when using Zooby disposable prophy angles?

Rotation speeds higher than 3000 rpm are not recommended for Zooby prophy angles.

What if I'm interested in the especially hygienic disposable system but haven't got a prophylaxis handpiece at my practice?

No problem. Zooby offers dental practitioners an inexpensive starter kit. This kit not only includes a lightweight Young Proxeo prophy handpiece but also 500 Zooby disposable prophy angles.

What are the advantages of Zooby disposable prophy angles compared to prophy cups in combination with a prophy angle?

Use the Zooby prophylaxis products to ensure a relaxed atmosphere during individual paediatric prophylaxis. The prophy angles with animal designs enable anxiety-free treatment and create a positive memory for the child’s next visit to the dentist. Replacing the disposable prophy angle is quick and easy. The drive piece, i.e., the prophylaxis handpiece can be prepared for the next use with simple wipe disinfection. The handpiece sleeve is sterilised as needed. Disposable prophy angles prevent the ingress of damaging tooth polish paste into the prophy angle.

Compared to using a standard prophy angle with a polishing cup or polishing brush, you save time and money when using a disposable prophy angle, as you incur no expenses for the preparation of and wear and tear to the prophy angle. It also reduces the risk of infection.

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