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Joy van Zanten is a dental hygienist and owner of a dental care practice in Vught in the Netherlands. She tells us about efficient teeth cleaning during the coronavirus pandemic:

Hygiene always takes centre stage at my practice, but since the outbreak of COVID-19 the issue has become even more important. I want to offer my patients the best possible care and adhere to the guidelines for infection prevention, which is why I look upon every work step with a particularly critical eye.

When polishing a patient’s teeth, I remove the biofilm created by bacteria and plaque. My patients particularly appreciate this treatment because it makes their teeth feel smooth and pleasant again. In so doing, I use disposable prophy angles from Young Dental, which enable particularly professional and effective polishing. The prophy cups are simply placed on the smooth handpiece, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected between treatments. This means that I don’t need a new handpiece for every patient, as is usually the case.

Although other prophylaxis brands also comply with the hygiene guidelines, the products often cause problems because they break, fit poorly on the prophy angles and produce loud noises or a lot of splatter, which means that the aspirator is constantly required. Every dental hygienist has had such experiences.

The high-quality Young prophy cups have varying degrees of hardness and different brushes, and the disposable prophy angles are available with a 90° angle or 107° contra-angle. The narrow neck and short head make it possible to access even hard-to-reach areas. Treatment is therefore much more pleasant for patients who have a small mouth opening.

The Zooby® product line was designed for children and makes treatment child’s play! The cups with five fun animal designs have internal ridges and adapt perfectly to small teeth. This eliminates problems with spattering polishing paste and polishing becomes a relaxed end to the treatment!

Young Dental regularly has attractive offers where you get the handpiece for free when you buy three packs (375 pieces) of prophy angles. This allows you to try out this type of polishing and experience the difference for yourself without having to buy a new handpiece. Anyone who is already using prophy angles can request prophy polishing cups as separate samples.