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Young- your prophylaxis expert

Young Dental offers innovative and high-quality prophylaxis products. From a versatile selection of latex and BPA-free prophy cups and disposable prophy angles, to delicious and hygienic single-dose polishing paste as well as disclosing solutions and tablets. We not only have products for adult treatments. Our brand "Zooby" offers products for children such as animal-themed pediatric disposable prophy angles and bibs plus yummy prophy paste. Experience our variety of products and request your free sample today.

What's new?

Test the Disposable Prophy Angles and Young Proxeo handpiece now - cost-free and non-binding.
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Aerosol-free and risk-minimized prophylaxis
with Young Dental and American Eagle Instruments
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The new NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX will not only put a smile on your face, but it will make your patients beam as well.
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Download the european product catalogue of Young Innovations.
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Professional product advice

Do you have questions about our products or require professional advice across our complete portfolio?

Young Innovations works with experienced hygienists who can advise you on any questions you may have. Contact us by phone, by e-mail or via our social channels.