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Denticator® disposable prophy angles

the original - trusted since 1931

Denticator® disposable prophy angles

the original - trusted since 1931


and efficient

saves time
and money

no latex
and BPA

Known for its quality, dependability, and affordable price, Denticator® is the manufacturer of the first disposable prophy angle ever produced. Denticator® is committed to making preventive dentistry more accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for all clinicians. We strive to deliver products that bring fun into the dental office without sacrificing quality. Trusted since 1931.

Denticator® disposable prophy angle brushes

Denticator® disposable prophy angle brushes have firm bristles to remove stubborn stains. They are ideal for polishing pits and fissures, for preparing tooth surfaces before sealing and orthodontic applications. Denticator® prophy angle brushes are free from latex and BPA. Available as a pointed brush or a flat brush.

Denticator® disposable flat brush prophy angles are designed to remove stains from pits and fissures before sealants.

Denticator® disposable tapered brush prophy angles are latex-free and designed to tackle heavy stains in hard-to-reach areas. Great for patients with orthodontic appliances, occlusal pits and fissures, and interproximal areas.





Denticator® Disposable Prophy Angle brush, flat

144 pcs./pack


Denticator® disposable prophy angle brush, pointed

144 pcs./pack

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