Prophy pastes for children

especially delicious, available in 5 flavours

Prophy pastes for children

especially delicious, available in 5 flavours

Zooby prophy pastes offer an optimal formula with abrasive and adhesive properties. The paste reduces splatter and enables effective stain removal.

Properties of the Zooby prophy paste

Zooby prophy pastes offer an optimal formula with abrasive and adhesive properties. The paste reduces splatter and enables effective stain removal.

The Zooby prophy pastes are available in 6 delicious flavours: Grape, Gator Gum, Happy Hippo Cake, Melon, Spearmint, and Chocolate. The pastes are vegan, contain xylitol, and are available in hygienic individual doses with a matching autoclavable finger holder (turtle, hippopotamus & alligator).

Packaging of Zooby Prophy paste and two paste cups in the flavours Happy Hippo Cake and Gator Gum





Zooby prophy paste – grape

100 pcs/pack


Zooby prophy paste – gator gum

100 pcs/pack


Zooby prophy paste – happy hippo cake

100 pcs/pack


Zooby prophy paste – melon

100 pcs/pack


Zooby prophy paste – chocolate

100 pcs/pack

Tooth polish pastes for children are especially delicious

Tooth polish pastes formulated specifically for paediatric tooth polishing are also used for small patients to remove staining and biofilm during individual prophylaxis. The result is a smooth and clean surface that offers a smaller retention surface for food, beverage, and tobacco components, and leaves a pleasant feeling for children. Good paediatric dental polish pastes are characterised by maximum cleaning with minimal abrasion for hard tooth substances.

Paediatric polish pastes for individual prophylaxis contain cleaning particles, dampening and binding agents, dyes, flavourings, and therapeutic additives such as xylitol. A tasty prophy paste is particularly important for children, as a delicious polish paste contributes to successful treatment. If these pastes also smell good, the prophylaxis treatment will be remembered positively. Actively involve children in individual treatment and let them choose their favourite flavour of Zooby paediatric polish paste: melon, biscuit, chocolate, chewing gum, or grape.

Disposable prophy angle "Zoe the Zebra" is ready to go

The cleaning power of a dental polishing paste is determined by the type of cleaning particles as well as the power of the prophylaxis used. This means that the contact pressure, treatment time, polishing medium or polishing carrier and the rotation speed used all play important roles.

Prophy cups are usually used as polish carriers, but the user should especially ensure a child-oriented, pleasant atmosphere during individual prophylaxis. Tasty pastes contribute experience, as do “treatment aids” such as the disposable prophy angles with animal designs. Children get to meet Zoe the zebra or Talon the tiger and are encouraged to participate more actively in their treatment, e.g., opening their mouths wider.

Prophy paste with melon flavour – child-oriented individual prophylaxis

Prophy polishing pastes are used in individual doses according to the latest hygiene guidelines. These pastes can be used with an autoclavable finger holder, held close to the workplace. Ideally, these paste finger holders are in a special container for individual paediatric prophylaxis and are selected by the children themselves before treatment begins.

A turtle, a hippopotamus, or an alligator on your finger? What child wouldn’t be thrilled to receive such fantastic support during prophylactic treatment?

The animal-shaped paste finger holder enables the practitioner to work efficiently. The adhesive consistency of the paediatric polish pastes keeps splatter out of the surrounding area. Soft, creamy textures enable perfect application on the tooth surface.

Paediatric prophy pastes for allergy sufferers, too

Allergic reactions to certain ingredients can emerge as early as childhood. That’s why paediatric polish pastes without gluten, lactose, flavourings, or preservatives are also available for individual prophylaxis. The prophylaxis range also includes fluoride-free prophy pastes for children in case a filling is scheduled during the same appointment.

Frequently asked questions about prophylaxis polishing pastes

Is Zooby tooth polish paste also available in a tube?

Zooby dental pastes are currently not offered in tubes, only in hygienic individual doses and in a variety of delicious flavours.

Why is there such a large selection of Zooby prophylaxis pastes?

Special products for paediatric prophylaxis, e.g. products that come in bright colours and different flavours, like the Zooby prophylaxis product line, make it easier to create a relaxed atmosphere for children and practitioners. When choosing a polish paste, it’s a good idea to use a paste that’s not too pungent. If little patients get to choose their favourite from a selection of different flavours, tooth polishing becomes even more fun for children. With flavours like melon, chocolate, grape, chewing gum, mint, or biscuit, it’ll probably be pretty hard to pick just one.

How many patients does an individual dose of tooth polishing paste cover?

An individual dose of Zooby polishing paste contains the precise amount of paste that you would normally use for one child. This gives you a precisely pre-portioned amount for polishing the teeth of a child’s maxilla and mandible.

Where can I buy these fantastic animal-shaped paste finger holders?

3 funny Zooby paste grippers in the animal shapes alligator, hippo and turtle

One of 3 fun and sterilisable paste holders for the paediatric polish pastes is included in every Zooby paste pack. There are 3 different animal shapes – turtle, alligator, and hippopotamus. Which finger holder is included in your Zooby paste package is up to Fate. But we’re sure – whether it’s Toby the turtle or Allie the alligator lady – they will all contribute to anxiety-free prophylaxis treatment and will be remembered in a positive light.

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