Prophy Paste polish pastes

with baking soda for gentle and natural teeth brightening

Prophy Paste polish pastes

with baking soda for gentle and natural teeth brightening

gives more shine

instant brightening

low abrasiveness

neutralises pH

Young Prophy Paste tooth polish pastes with the power of baking soda – a traditional, low-abrasive ingredient renowned for its ability to whiten, brighten and neutralise pH.

2 types of prophy pastes

The lightly dyed prophy polishing pastes have a unique formula that offers excellent handling for easy removal and application of the pastes.

In just one step, staining is safely removed and a finishing shine achieved. The dental prophylaxis pastes are easy to rinse off, are gluten-free and lactose-free, and contain xylitol. Available in mint and berry flavours.

Young polishing paste for teeth with baking soda - pack and single-dose





Young Prophy paste – mint

125 pcs/pack


Young Prophy paste – berry

125 pcs/pack

Polishing pastes are clean

  • Tooth polishing pastes are used to remove staining and biofilm during professional dental cleanings. The result is a smooth and clean tooth surface that offers a smaller retention surface for food, beverage, and tobacco components, and leaves a pleasant feeling for the patient.
  • Good dental polishing pastes provide maximum cleaning with minimal abrasion of hard tooth substances, fillings, and prosthetic fittings.
  • Polishing pastes for professional dental cleaning contain cleaning particles, dampening and binding agents, dyes, flavourings, and therapeutic additives such as xylitol and baking soda.
  • Prophy pastes with baking soda score with low abrasiveness and facilitate the brightening effect during teeth cleaning.
  • The cleaning power of a dental polishing paste is determined, by the type of cleaning particles as well as the power of the prophylaxis used. This means that the contact pressure, treatment time, polishing medium or polishing carrier and the rotation speed used all play important roles.
  • Prophy cups are usually used as a polishing carrier, but the familiar hygienic and efficient disposable prophy angles from the US are winning more and more fans in this country.

Delicious, flavoured tooth polishing pastes

Prophy polishing pastes are used in individual doses according to the latest hygiene guidelines. These pastes can be used with a finger holder, close to the workplace. This makes it possible to work efficiently. The adhesive properties of a dental polishing paste keep splatter out of the surrounding area. Soft, creamy textures enable perfect application on the tooth surface.

Different prophy paste flavours promote patients’ acceptance. Prophy pastes are available in mint and berry flavours. You can find more flavours with our D-Lish prophy pastes and the specially formulated ZOOBY tooth polishing pastes for children.

Prophy pastes for allergy sufferers, too

Prophy pastes with no gluten, lactose, flavourings, or preservatives are available for patients with allergic reactions to certain ingredients.

Vegan and fluoride-free prophy pastes are in great demand. Mint oil should be avoided with patients during homeopathic treatment.

Frequently asked questions about dental polishing pastes

Is Young tooth polishing paste also available in a tube?

Young dental pastes are currently not offered in tubes, only in hygienic individual doses.

What is the advantage of prophylaxis pastes in individual doses compared to pastes in tubes?

Tooth polishing pastes in individual doses are hygienically packaged and are only opened in front of the patient. This also ensures that the prophylaxis paste is fresh and cannot dry out. In addition, it doesn’t require Dappen glasses, which have to be disinfected after prophylaxis treatment. Individual doses can be conveniently placed into the included finger holders, allowing you to work more efficiently. If the prophy pastes are available in different flavours, the patient can choose their personal flavour preference. So the paste doesn’t always have to taste minty.

The amount in an individual container of paste is precisely calibrated for one patient.

How many patients does an individual dose of tooth polishing paste cover?

An individual dose of Young polishing paste contains the precise amount of paste that you would normally use for one patient. This gives you a precisely pre-portioned amount for polishing the maxilla and mandible in an average-sized jaw.

Is Young polishing paste a single or two-phase product?

Young prophy pastes are single-phase products. Thanks to the special ingredient of baking soda in prophy pastes like Young pastes, providers do not need to have both a fine and a coarse prophy paste available for patients. The baking soda ensures that the prophylaxis paste is minimally abrasive, while simultaneously brightening teeth during polishing.

Where can I buy the paste holders?

Young Prophypaste Minze in Einzeldose und mit blauem Fingerhalter

The practical and sterilisable paste holders for the hygienic individual doses are included in every package of paste from Young Dental. The paste holders contain exactly one individual dose of dental polishing paste and are conveniently placed between two fingers, so that the paste is always within reach while you polish. With the prophy cup, you no longer have to constantly turn to the tray to pick up fresh polish paste.

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