Zooby Prophy paste

Zooby Prophy pastes feature an optimal formulation of abrasive and adhesive properties designed for minimal splatter and great stain removal!

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The Zooby pastes are available in delicious flavors: grape, gator gum, happy hippo cake, melon, spearmint and chocolate.
The pastes are vegan, made with Xylitol and come in hygienic single cups with finger gripper (turtle, hippo & alligator).

Overview Zooby Prophy pastes

Item# Type Description Quantity
296208 Zooby Prophy paste grape 100 ct./pack
296209 Zooby Prophy paste gator gum 100 ct./pack
296210 Zooby Prophy paste happy hippo cake 100 ct./pack
296211 Zooby Prophy paste melon 100 ct./pack
296213 Zooby Prophy paste chocolate 100 ct./pack

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