Zooby’s animal-themed products offer a fun, engaging way to introduce children to dental instruments and procedures, helping them feel more comfortable in the dental chair and more invested in their oral health care. The personified prophy angles can be used to engage young patients, helping transform an ordinary dental visit into a more captivating encounter where pediatric patients don’t just open wide, they open wide with a roar!

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Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles

Penelope - the Penguin

Zoe - the Zebra

Francesca - the Flamingo

Chase - the Cheetah

Talon - the Tiger

Five fun-themed Zooby® characters. They are for single-use only, free from Latex and BPA and have a soft webbed-cup. It fits on low-speed handpieces (Doriot style), such as Young Proxeo handpiece

A complete package is our Zooby Starter Kit, which includes 500 Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles and 1 Young Proxeo handpiece.

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Overview Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles

Item# Type Description Quantity
575010 Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles Assorted pack, 5 animal designs 100 ct.
575050 Zooby Disposable Prophy Angles Assorted pack, 5 animal designs 500 ct.
Item# Product Description
ZB-01 Starter Kit with 500 Zooby Prophy-Angles and 1 Young-Proxeo handpiece

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