Young D-Lish paste

NEW! All polish pastes are without flouride and gluten.

Its’ smooth and creamy texture is great for easy rinsing. The pastes are vegan and are made with Xylitol. They come in hygienic single cups with finger gripper.

D-Lish® Prophy pastes are available in delicious flavors: Mint, Grape, Dreamsicle Orange and Triple Fudge.

D-Lish Mint

D-Lish Grape

D-Lish Dreamsicle Orange

D-Lish Triple Fudge

Overview Young D-Lish paste

Order Samples
Item# Type Description Quantity
296214 D-Lish Prophy paste Mint 200 ct./pack
296215 D-Lish Prophy paste Grape 200 ct./pack
296217 D-Lish Prophy paste Dreamsicle Orange 200 ct./pack
296219 D-Lish Prophy paste Triple Fudge 200 ct./pack

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