The NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX will not only put a smile on your face, but it will make your patients beam as well. The SMILEBOX includes everything for a professional teeth cleaning. All the products included in the SMILEBOX have been chosen to be fully complimentary.


2Tone Disclosing solution

Start by applying the dual-colored disclosing solution which highlights areas of the patient’s teeth that have been sub-optimally cleaned. Thanks to the two colour effect of the formula, old plaque is highlighted blue and new plaque shows up red, the disclosing agent does not only act as a self-control for the clinician during treatment, but also as motivation for the patient.

Free of erythrosine and gluten.

#233102 1 bottle with 59 ml

DryTips®, small

The DryTips, another product in the set, are placed directly on the parotid orifice and absorb saliva directly as it enters the oral cavity. They far outlast cotton rolls and keep the working area dry while providing maximum working space during treatment. DryTips® facilitates working far back in the oral cavity.

#291543 pack of 50 ct.

NSK FX57m Prophy contra-angle
+ YOUNG Elite Original Cup

A perfect match – the short soft Young Elite Cup and the NSK FX57m contra angle fit perfectly together. The short cup combined with the ultra-small head of the contra angle enable easy access and excellent visibility in all quadrants. At the same time, the soft rubber flexes to create perfect adaptability to the tooth surface. Thanks to the lower flange of the screw-type cup neatly covering the contra angle, the sealing of the NSK prophy contra angle is protected from prophy paste entering. Last but not least, the cups` exterior ridges significantly reduce splatter, and improve interdental polishing.

NSK prophy contra-angle
stainless steel. 4:1 reduction.
1 ct.

YOUNG Elite Cup
#053901 pack of 144 cups

Young Prophy Paste, Mint

For an optimal hygiene and perfect shine on your teeth, the Young prophy paste with baking soda is the right partner. The creamy texture of the paste reduces splatter and is available in a hygienic single-dose unit per patient. The power of the non-abrasive baking soda helps to remove stains reliably and gives a high luster in just one single step.

Free of fluoride and gluten.

#295685 1 pack of 125 single cups



NSK Prophy contra-angle FX57 m
with YOUNG prophy assortment

Item # S220001

GBP 239,- (€ 279,-)

Item# Description Quantity
FX57m FX57m Prophy contra-angle 1 ct.
053901 Young Elite Original Cup 1 pack of 144 cups
295685 Young Prophy paste, mint 1 pack of 125 single cups
233102 2Tone Disclosing solution 1 bottle of 59 ml
291543 DryTips, small 1 pack of 50 ct.
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