the all-inclusive
prophylaxis box


the all-inclusive prophylaxis box

The NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX won’t just put a smile on your face; it’ll help you give your patients shining smiles, too. The SMILEBOX offers you a complete prophylaxis set for professional dental cleaning.

Unpack, connect, get started.

Rely on the high-quality prophylaxis products from two renowned dental brands.

The SMILEBOX includes the popular FX57m prophy angles by NSK and the associated prophylaxis range by Young Dental.

In particular, the included Young prophy cups are an ideal match for the NSK prophy angle – the short, soft prophy cups and a small prophy angle head make polishing teeth even easier, more ergonomic, and more efficient.

You’ll receive everything you need for tooth polishing in one convenient package, and you’ll also save €90 compared to purchasing items individually (based on the RRP).

No more tedious scrolling through online storefronts to buy products individually for professional dental cleaning. Just select the NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX and start now.

Content of the Young NSK Smilebox for prophylaxis treatment





NSK YOUNG Smilebox – NSK polishing prophy angle FX57m + YOUNG prophylaxis set

1 box



NSK polishing prophy angle FX57m

1 pcs./pack


Young prophy polishing cup Elite Original™

144 pcs/pack


Young Prophy Paste polish paste – mint

125 pcs./pack


2Tone Disclosing solution

2 oz (59 ml)


DryTips – small

50 pcs./pack

Order your SMILEBOX now at the bargain price of 279,-€

Save €90.00*

(*compared to RRP/individual purchase)

Detailed contents of the NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX

2Tone disclosing solution for teeth to detect plaque

2Tone disclosing solution

It starts with disclosing and the two-colour disclosing solution, which illustrates any areas your patients may miss while cleaning. The two-colour formula temporarily dyes older plaque blue and new plaque red. It helps you check your past work and helps motivate the patient.

Contains no erythrosine or gluten.

DryTips parotid patches for moisture control in the oral cavity

DryTips parotid plasters, small

DryTips parotid plasters are placed directly on the parotid gland and regulate the flow of saliva. They are far more absorbent than standard dental rolls, keep the oral cavity drier, and provide more space during treatment. They make work easier, especially in the back of the oral cavity.

Young polishing paste with mint flavour

Young Prophy Paste polish paste, mint

Young polish paste with baking soda ensures optimal hygiene and gives teeth a perfect shine. The creamy and therefore splatter-reducing paste is used in hygienic single doses for each patient. The non-abrasive baking soda safely and reliably removes staining and achieves a finishing shine in just one step.

Contains no fluoride or gluten.

NSK polishing prophy angle FX57m with details of ultra small head

NSK FX57m polishing prophy angle

Fig. 01 – The ultra-small head of the NSK prophy angles, in combination with the Young Elite polishing cup, only has a total structural height of 18 mm, which allows for easy access and an optimal view of the area to be treated.

Fig. 02 – The screen of the screwable cup is flush with the prophy angles, thus also protecting the seal of the NSK prophy angles.

The NSK FX57m prophy angle consists of a hygienic and easy-to-clean stainless steel body. It works with a 4:1 reduction, which enables better and more efficient cleaning while simultaneously allowing gentler polishing of tooth surfaces. This also reduces paste splatter. It is designed to be used with max. 5,000 rotations per minute. This instrument does not require spray cooling. The FX57m is designed to allow the cups to rotate 360° and is suitable for screw cups and brushes. An innovative paste seal sealing system prevents the ingress of polish paste. NSK quality ensures durability and high performance even with frequent sterilisation. It can be sterilised in an autoclave up to 135°C. It can also be cleaned and disinfected in a thermal disinfector (in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications).

Original Elite polishing cup - purple, soft, screw-type

Young Elite™ prophy polishing cups

The short, soft YOUNG Elite prophy polishing cups connect perfectly to the NSK FX57m prophy angles. The Elite prophy polishing cups in combination with the ultra-small head of the prophy angles give you easy access in all quadrants. At the same time, the soft rubber hugs the tooth surface closely. The outer grooves of the cup significantly reduce paste splatter.

Order now at the SMILE PRICE
and save €90.00*!

Order your SMILEBOX now at the bargain price of €279.00 and save €90.00* compared to RRP/individual purchase

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