Risk-minimized Prophylaxis

Risk-minimized Prophylaxis Prophylaxis treatments without aerosols, or other ways prophylaxis can work. How can prophylaxis succeed if manual instruments are to dominate suddenly? Kerstin Zern Römling ZMP and Birgit Schlee DH report on their experiences and about their new prophylactic routine in their practice. During the corona crisis, the question arose for us in the […]


The NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX will not only put a smile on your face, but it will make your patients beam as well. The SMILEBOX includes everything for a professional teeth cleaning. All the products included in the SMILEBOX have been chosen to be fully complimentary. Content of the NSK YOUNG SMILEBOX

Zooby Kinder-PapierserviettenEs ist Zeit in eine neue Rolle zu schlüpfen!Jede Zooby Kinder-Papierserviette ist mit einem von insgesamt 5 Tiermotiven bedruckt und agiert so als Kostüm für Ihre kleinen Patienten. Sie werden es lieben!Muster bestellenDownload ProduktflyerTalon – der Tiger Penelope – der Pinguin Francesca – der Flamingo Allie – the Alligator Toby – die Schildkröte Überblick […]

Young Prophy Paste

Young Prophy Paste with baking sodaYoung prophy paste is powered by baking soda, a time honored ingredient with low abrasivity, that’s recognized for its ability to whiten, brighten and neutralize pH. It helps to remove stains reliably and gives a high luster in just one single step. This light-colored prophy paste offers an easy-to-rinse formula […]

Young D-Lish paste

Young D-Lish pasteNEW! All polish pastes are without flouride and gluten.Its’ smooth and creamy texture is great for easy rinsing. The pastes are vegan and are made with Xylitol. They come in hygienic single cups with finger gripper.D-Lish® Prophy pastes are available in delicious flavors: Mint, Grape, Dreamsicle Orange and Triple Fudge.D-Lish Mint D-Lish Grape […]