Black Friday Angebote*





    The SMILEBOX includes everything for a professional teeth cleaning:
    an NSK Prophy contra-angle FX57m with a YOUNG prophy assortment

    Find out more about how the SMILEBOX can support you in professional dental cleaning.

    1 NSK Prophy angle FX57m
    Young Elite cups, 144 cups
    Young prophy paste, mint, 144 single-dose cups
    2Tone disclosing solution, 59ml bottle
    DryTips, small, 50 pc.


    Item # S220001


    You save € 320,00 (GBP 280,00)
    (compared to individual purchase, UVP of the individual products)


    Black Friday offer:
    2 Smileboxes for only € 418,00 (GBP 399,00)


    YOUNG Prophy paste, Mint




    With baking soda
    Cleaning and polish in just one single step
    Less splatter
    Powered by baking soda, which whitens, brightens and neutralizes pH value
    Free from gluten and fluoride

    Find out more about the YOUNG polishing paste with baking soda.


    Item# 295685
    Pack of 125 single-dose cups
    SRP for 1 box € 40,00 (GBP 26,95)


    Black Friday Offer: 1+1
    2 packs for the price of only € 40,00 (GBP 36,00)

    *The offers are only valid for orders placed from 27 November to 4 December 2020 and for direct orders (invoicing via the depot) using the following order form, by telephone on +49 6221 / 43 45 442 or by e-mail to info@ydnt.eu, for UK and Republic of Ireland +44 759 0033 844 (Jaeson Duckworth) or jduckworth@younginnovations.com. They are applicable in Germany, Austria, Benelux**, France, Italy, Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom.

    ** In the Netherlands, the SMILEBOX is available exclusively via American Dental Trading (ADT).


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